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American Darts Organization

The American Darts organization was founded in the year 1975. Before this year, dart enthusiasts met in their own organised clubs in various parts of the country. The game originated from eastern Pennsylvania and slowly grow to encompass the entire country.

Before 1975, there wasn't much of an interest in getting the game organized. It was at this time that, Ed McDevitt and Tom Fleetwood, noted that darts fans and players had been scattered all across the country. They noted that there was a need for an organisation to coordinate events and organise tournaments. By then, there were only hotbeds of known interest in places such as Cleveland, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit, Washington D.C, Virginia and New Jersey. These were just the places that the two could have known about back then, but there would logically have been more than reported.

Ed Mcdevitt and Tom Fleetwood together with their friends had toyed with the idea of forming a nationwide organisation and finally decided that the timing was just right for them to take action. They took the lead in sending out invitations to the known clubs across the country, inviting their respective members to meet and pave the way for the formation of the American Darts Organization. The stage was now set.

In that same year, 1975, the first inaugural meeting took place on October 17th. The next day, the first board meeting took place. First on the agenda was the dues that needed to be collected from the affiliate members, the logo for the organisation and the operations established.

In its first full year as a formal organisation, the American Darts organization started out with 30 member clubs and a total of 7,500 members. This was also the year that saw the first annual men's all-star playoffs being held by the American dart Organization.

The next notable year in its history was 1977 which saw the first annual men's masters being held and the organization was incorporated in Massachusetts.

The first tournament calendar would come out in 1978, along with tournament sanctioning procedures being adopted and standardizing gameplay. The throwing distance was also set in this year, having been established by the World Darts Federation and being adopted by the American Darts Organization.

1979 saw the championship point system being introduced into the game and a world cup being hosted in Las Vegas. At the time this was the largest Darts championship ever held outside of Britain. The darts handbook came out the following year. Associate members also began in the same year.

1981 had the first certificates issued out that totalled 180 of them. Sanctioned tournaments would also benefit from standardized rules which were introduced in this year. 1982 has the first women's playoffs. The next year saw the introduction of the first women's world masters playoffs being held.

At their 20th anniversary, the American Dart organization had 292 member clubs which at the time had some 60,000 members. The organisation had by this time become very well organised and had gained considerable experience from the preceding years. By the close of the century, 3,882 tournaments had been sanctioned by the organisation and 509 deadeye certificates had been issued and a 25th-anniversary roadshow was announced.