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Week 8

6-5 WIN






Week- 8

Division Standings

 Vested Interest 9 59
 Treble Makers 7 53
 The Bad Boys 6 51
 Sea Dogs 5 50
 OverRated 4 44
 We R S Faced 6 34
 Bimbo's 2 31
 Full Monte 5 28

Week 9 

Away - Polish Home

The Bad Boys Dart Team, began it's quest to become one of the best teams in the Minuteman Dart League, we began this quest in the fall season of 1993.


We began in the (B) division, at a time when the league was thriving with over 10,000 dart shooters each season, the league has dwindled a bit with it's, DUI laws getting tougher and tougher. Some people don't seem to know when to say enough.

Our team has seen it ups and downs in the league, we have manage to rise to the top and back to (B) Division status, the top division at one time (Super A) also called Double A, which has since change and the top division is now (A), which we are proud to have attained the top division once again.







Minuteman Dart League

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